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Facilities Manager

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Facilities management

A legal chambers in the heart of the city is looking to appoint a Facilities Manager to have overall responsibility for; technical services & support, building & security management, contract management, project management and health & safety.

The Facilities Manager role is designed to ensure that the offices run smoothly and any premises or buildings related issues do not impose on or interrupt unnecessarily the working environment for barristers and staff. Ideally you would have worked in a similar legal environment as the demands of a chambers differs from many other clients.

Key aspects include:

Buildings and facilities related management

  • To take responsibility for management of Buildings and buildings repairs and maintenance
  • Track building upkeep together with anticipated short and long term improvements and maintenance, planning developments in line with business requirements and objective; reporting on developments on a three monthly basis
  • Plan for and manage business refurbishments, renovations and office moves as they arise, including space planning as required
  • Maintain full O & M records for all office accommodation
  • Negotiate utilities provision (gas, water, electricity, plus TV and music licences) to ensure full maintenance of supply and maintain necessary annual licences
  • Negotiate and maintain contracts for provision of office equipment (including print and copier services),
  • Budget for and manage third-party suppliers in provision of facilities services, including full record keeping of third-party suppliers
  • Conduct procurement and contract management, including preparation of tender documents


  • Manage facilities team [print and post room], overseeing through monthly reporting of site storage and archiving of papers and records;  monthly checking of copier usage and costs trends;  monthly reports of supplies ordering; monthly reports of small item maintenance and electrical checks
  • Ensuring that full records are maintained for the purposes of re-charging to members of chambers where necessary


  • Managing security for Chambers premises and being the primary point of contact for emergency calls out of hours [to be shared on a general rota with print/post]
  • Ensure provision of full security cover, both through lock up services, security patrols, electronic alarm cover and emergency back up
  • Reviewing and negotiating security and lock up contracts
  • Ensure provision of full access control systems (to be managed on a daily basis by print /post) and internal CCTV (to be managed on a daily basis by Helpdesk team) with overall monitoring of services to ensure no break in service
  • Access control cards to be administered on daily basis by [print/post] with oversight and responsibility for system security with FM
  • Procure and ensure effective management of visitor booking system
  • Maintain full records of all 3rd party contractors or staff members with access to chambers, including checking of DBS, work permits and other requirements of 3rd party contracted staff
  • Conduct reviews of security recordings as required
  • Liaise with external security including government agencies and related security checks, implementing necessary security upgrades to meet requirements
  • Overseeing of weekend and out of hours access by 3rd party contractors/suppliers
  • Participate in incident management and understand the local Business continuity Plan

Health & Safety

  • Act as key point of contact for health and safety, including risk assessment and compliance with current legislation, maintaining a good working knowledge of relevant Health & Safety legislation
  • Responding to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise;
  • Carry out regular Health & Safety and risk assessment inspections, audits and housekeeping tours, ensuring evaluation of findings recorded and consequent actions monitored and reviewed regularly
  • Be a first point of contact for facilities related enquires from barristers and staff maintaining regular contact with all building occupants
  • Undertake accident investigations, completing necessary reports and implementing subsequent action plans
  • Facilitate, keep and review records for date all staff training for relevant health and safety training to ensure all training is up to date; arrange for training of new staff members as necessary
  • Negotiate contracts for provision and maintenance of fire safety and first aid equipment and maintain full records
  • Maintaining full records/registers of assessments and training

Supplier management

  • Negotiate and facilitate contracts for purchase of office equipment and furniture
  • Negotiate and facilitate contracts for DX and courier services and for taxi services

Waste Management (Cleaning & gardening services)

  • Manage cleaning & window cleaning, waste disposal and recycling within the business through provision by 3rd parties of contract services (to include negotiation of all contracts for these services)
  • Managing gardening services, including provision and maintenance of watering systems
  • Ensure regular environmental impact audits carried out – at least 2 times per annum
  • Aim to ensure the business operates with the smallest environmental footprint possible by assessing impact audits and monitoring recording and dealing with problems of operational performance to ensure improvement and sustainability

This role is an excellent opportunity for a technically minded Facilities Manager who thrives in a demanding environment and enjoys working with a small team and meeting deadlines. This is a permanent opportunity with excellent opportunity for autonomy and delivery of 5* service. An excellent salary and benefit package is available.

For more information, please apply today!

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